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Infant, Child & Adult


Two-Year Certification

​Pediatric CPR, AED, and First Aid an ideal training solution for schools, child care providers, youth sports coaches, babysitters, church youth groups, group homes, afterschool programs, daycares and others required to learn how to respond to medical emergencies involving children. This versatile program is based upon the CPR and First Aid Guidelines, Caring for Our Children, and other evidence-based treatment recommendations.


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Babysitters & Nannies

Child Care Professionals

Parents & First Moms

Group Homes & Facilities


This course will teach the following:

First Aid Provider, Recognizing an Emergency and Deciding to Help, Personal Safety, Legal Considerations, Emergency Medical Services (EMS), Respiratory and Circulatory Systems, Sudden Cardiac Arrest and Early Defibrillation, Chain of Survival, Chest Compressions, Rescue Breaths, Primary Assessment — Unresponsive Child, Unresponsive and Breathing, Unresponsive and Not Breathing—CPR, Automated External Defibrillators, Basic AED Operation, Troubleshooting, and Other Considerations, Choking, Primary Assessment — Responsive Child, Secondary Assessment, Control of Bleeding, Internal Bleeding, Managing Shock, Head, Neck, or Back Injury, Swollen, Painful, or Deformed Limb, Minor Wounds, Burns, Objects in the Eye, Chemicals in the Eye, Nosebleeds, Injured Tooth, Warning Signs of Sudden Illness, Altered Mental Status, Stroke, Diabetic Emergencies, Seizure, Breathing Difficulty, Shortness of Breath, Asthma, Severe Allergic Reaction, Pain, Severe Pressure, or Discomfort in the Chest, Severe Abdominal Pain, Poisoning, Bites and Stings, Heat Exhaustion, Heat Stroke, Hypothermia, Frostbite, Emergency Moves, and Emotional Considerations.

Cost: $75.00 per person  |  Register Now

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