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Special Me has been serving Houston-area families with children on the autism spectrum and we are dedicated to providing respite childcare for parents who can use a hand  ten plus years. 


Our exceptional design fosters a positive and safe environment of unique experiences for children to learn social skills, explore their interests, and connect with others.

We are on a mission to creatively unlock every child’s superpower and have fun along the way! Our goal is to make our students feel accepted, comfortable, and secure as they process their feelings, build friendships, and we aim to find what interests each child and then assist them accordingly. 


Attentive, caring, and engaging are the most common words used to describe Special Me!

Enroll with us today! We all know that personal time is essential for parents to feel renewed and reenergized. We care for your little one so that you can care for yourself! With sincerity, our program provides children a fun, safe, and healthy setting away from home that encourages age-appropriate social and emotional growth. We want children to feel excited while parents are comfortable knowing their children are in good hands.





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We offer the expertise and skills gained from over 10 years of servicing Houston-area families. We are attentive to the specific needs of each child while fostering their creativity in an environment that is full of support, patience, and care. We allow each child to pursue the possibilities of their interests in a way that explores their potential without overstepping the bounds of what they feel ready for.  

We are very dependable with following through with our commitments to each parent and child. We take pride in the service we provide and in giving parents peace of mind through the practice of open communication and honest

Special Me is not just a job but a place that is filled with exploration, endless possibilities, and fun, not just for the children but for the staff as well. We put an emphasis on creativity within a structure that has been proven to have a positive impact on learning. 

In addition, we believe in self-esteem building while teaching through the different gifts they have. We believe in fostering an upbeat environment with a willing attitude to make sure that needs are met with each child and parent. This also includes assessments that tell us how we can best assist in navigating to unlocking superpowers!

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