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At Special Me!, fostering meaningful and positive peer connections among our members is at the heart of our mission. Extensive research underscores the pivotal role of early peer relationships in shaping later social interactions and profoundly influencing levels of happiness and self-esteem.


At Special Me, we prioritize teamwork in all our endeavors because we believe that collaborative efforts yield superior outcomes compared to solitary work. Through exchanging and communicating ideas, children can leverage their friends' strengths and talents, enhancing their overall experiences and achievements.


At Special Me, we recognize that the capacity to understand and empathize with others is a fundamental predictor of future success. Beyond fostering understanding among children, empathy serves as a gateway to comprehending the world around them. Through empathy, children cultivate kindness and compassion, laying the groundwork for a brighter future.


Special Me offers comprehensive inclusion training, as well as essential first aid and CPR training, ensuring our members are equipped with the skills and knowledge to foster a supportive and safe environment for all. Our programs prioritize inclusivity and safety, empowering our community to thrive with confidence and compassion.


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